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What can we do to change for the next generation.

Currently as possessions are unabashedly thrown away, not only resources and environment are in danger of becoming extinct but also a lot of cultures and heritage are facing extinction. We are protecting our valuable cultures and heritages and passing them to the future through our entertaining recycling and effective use of resources. One of our important missions is to remind people cherish their heritage and cultures by selling and buying those items. With everyone’s support, we are making an effort to spread the mindset of cherishing possessions and heritages. We hope that you can continue to enjoy past books, DVDs, CDs, games, commodities, and used clothes that you once felt was important.

Address: 3-1-12 Takara, Naha, Okinawa, 901-0145
3 minutes on foot from the monorail station (Akamine)
Tel: 098-891-8181 Fax: 098-891-8187 Mail address: naha@mangasouko.com

Manga Souko customer support Buy Sell

[1] The customer sells the commodity “A” for 500 yen.

[2] The customer adds 500 yen to the 500 yen just gained and buys the commodity “B” for 1000 yen.

[3] The customer gains another 500 yen for selling the commodity “B” again.

[4] The customer adds 500 yen to 500 yen obtained and buys the commodity “C”. Money paid/ money gained/ money paid after all However, you eventually enjoyed commodity “B” of 1000 yen and commodity “C” of 1000 yen (total 2000 yen worth of commodities) with just 1000 yen.

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